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    o.k. so a few weeks ago i ate some crow and said i was sorry. Hope i'm forgiven. got a question for you. When are the Dear Johns coming out. would really like to know something since the waiting is killing me.

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    If they follow other years, they'll let a few rounds go out before they ding anyone. Want some warm and fuzzies and good press before the grumbles and rumbles. So, with this week being the middle of August, my best guess (opinion and guess, only...) would probably be around middle of September (hmm, like around the week of the 11th - best guess), if you allow a long weekend for Labor Day. That would give them a few weeks under their belt.

    So, any takers on that bet?
    Alana Tomlin Denton
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    Last word I got was end of August (30th) for Round 1 of DJs (those that didn't make Peer Review), and either Sept 20th or 27th for those that did make it into Peer Review but not out of it. DJs have typically come on Tuesdays, awards on Fridays.

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    I'll echo bc79er. My information is coming in on that time frame as well.
    Kurt Bradley
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