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    Default Volunteer Ride Alongs

    I was wondering if there was any city that has a formalized rider policy with the surrounding Volunteer Co's. I would think that that would be a good, easy, free way for smaller, slower co's to gain some good experience. I mean if you come from a dept. thats only doing 200 - 300 calls a year, I would think it would help if their members could be cycled through a nearby city, if for nothing else, just to get a different perspective on things and have some fun, it might be a help.

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    It would be fun and the vollie from a slow dept would get to see some stuff they don't normally get to see. However as a vollie from a slow dept. I see many problems with this.
    The carrer guys you would be riding with would always have a "probie" with them, and they wouldn't even be confident in the basic training of the probie.

    The ride along FF could be taking a valuable seat away from the career FF with the knowlege and experiance to do the job fast and right. If the seat is open then the career dept. should get more FF's.

    The vollie that works with diffrent people with diffrent levels of training and with diffrent levels of staffing. Some techniques that worked with the paid guys might not work or might not be known by your fellow FF's.

    I would suggest two things.

    If you want more action try starting a combiend company. That rotates local fire districts daily and responds to all fire districts in a designated area. Any FF in a participating district can ride. They do this in a few places around here. These guys are run ragged.

    The other thing you can do is look into private training. My FD does this. Most of our training is provied by Company that uses FF's from the Syracuse City FD. We get there knowlege and experiance, only tailored to our needs. This seems to work well for us.
    This is my opinion and in no way represtents the opinion of my department.

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