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    Default Unfortunately this is true in too many cases.....

    I laughed when I saw the picture. Not because it is a funny situation, but because it reminded me of a situation in my neck of the woods with a Police Chief.

    Unfortunately this is a common thing in som places. You get a Fire Chief/Officer who doesn't try to keep up with new happenings in the Fire Service. They don't think they need to keep educated on things.

    They don't read trade magazines.

    They don't take any classes to better themselves.

    They don't believe in sending their subordinates to additional training.

    Many times you'll get a Firefighter or Officer to take the time to research something and take it up the Chain of Command, just to have it shot down because the person is absolutely clueless about it........

    The comments made by me are my opinions only. They DO NOT reflect the opinions of my employer(s). If you have an issue with something I may say, take it up with me, either by posting in the forums, emailing me through my profile, or PMing me through my profile.
    We are all adults so there is no need to act like a child........

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    you know 77 that remined me of my last dept. and chief also...he was a vollie who got grandfathered to FF1 never having taken any type of fire training or classes, he is a farmer and did not have time to go to any classes. he was very anti training . the phrase " because we have always done it this/that way" was thrown around all the time. he did not like anyone who stood against him either, anyone who tried to make things better got shot down and possibly run off, he did it to his asst. chief.
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    Why have the tools if you don't know how to use them.
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    This is my opinion and in no way represtents the opinion of my department.

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    Try being the Lieutenant under a captain that carried the TIC up the ladder, into an apartment fire with reported entrapment, then purposefully dropped it at the window when he went in to search because he didn't know how to use it (despite being trained on it in-house many times).
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    I guess I lucked out when I joined my volunteer department.Training is constant with us.If someone doesn't want to train,they aren't long for my department either by peer pressure or the officers will vote someone off.It hasn't been done in a few years,I am told but has happened.

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    we just recently got a shock on my department one of our older guys was all for setting up a requirement that at least 18 hours must be made the first 6 months of the year and 18 the second half of the year. And if you don't make your training your off of the roster. Everyone that was there when he made the suggestion was like because it was not expected
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