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    Default A good part time gig for retired FF's!

    Me and my fiancee are leaving a position as caretakers of this great 80 acre hiking ranch/weekend home in SoCal in exchange for free rent. We are both recently hired as fulltime firefighters, so we can no longer do the work required, but they are actively seeking an older couple who have some fire experience to help with the ranch, and help mitigate the fire danger on the property. See the job description below, and if you have any questions, post them here and I'll do my best to answer. Contact info for the job is below.



    CARETAKER COUPLE needed for 80 acre hiking ranch in Topanga Canyon (Los Angeles County). Duties, in exchange for rent-free living in a new one bedroom designer home on the property, would include: security, fire prevention, trail maintenance, emergency repairs and supervision of repair projects, driving, some cooking and household duties & assistance with entertaining. Owner-couple are looking for long-term relationship with intelligent and kind couple who would like to live in one of L. A.’s most beautiful natural areas. Must be citizens, English speaking, soft-spoken, trustworthy and good-natured. Approximately 30 hours/week position available Sept 1, 2005. Send resume and references to “McCoy Ranch” 11400 West Olympic Blvd., Suite #243, Los Angeles CA 90064

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    Default Neat idea

    Sounds pretty good. Please post if this gets filled, meanwhile I'll spread it around in my area.

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    if ya ned someone...oct 2008.....let me know


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