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    Default Is this an admendment?

    My department was awarded a grant for portable radios and tone-alert pagers. The pagers that we specified are no longer in production. Does anyone know if we are allowed buy equivalent or better pagers without asking? Also, could we buy different radios if we find one that better meets our needs? Our normal process when we make equipment purchases is to get demo equipment and put it though the paces. With the AFG, we did a quick look on paper and made the decision from there. Thanks

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    You're fine. No changes necessary. The grant has you specify items, not brands or manufacturers. Amendments only occur when you change the things you are buying, as we did in '03 when we opted to replace our SCBA altogether rather than retrofit with automatic PASS devices. (We didn't ask for any more money, just for permission to change the exact project.)
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    It won't require an amendment unless you specified models in the application, then it's just a formality. As long as the spirit of the application is still valid (i.e. you still need new radios and pagers), then you can change equipment easily. Especially if something is no longer in production. They are also always in favor of getting better for the same amount of money, or less, since you could use the savings for something else.

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