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    Default Pneumax: Platinum vs. Silver

    Looking for experiences with the Pneumax Platinum and Pneumax Silver series 200cfm CAF Systems. Looking mainly for reliability, servicability, and any problems encountered while the units have been in service.

    My department spec'd a Platinum series on our new engine, and we may need to downgrade due to budgetary constraints. Just looking to see if it's worth the $4,000-6,000 we'd save by downgrading to a 200 cfm Silver series.

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    As for which named version we have, good question. But we do have a Pneumax Eclipse CAFS unit on our Engine 2 which is a '03 model. It is attached to the Waterous S100 pump (3000gpm capacity with ours rated for 2000gpm) and with the attached Pneumax CAFS system is called the ES100 I believe. With the E standing for the Eclipse CAFS system. It does have the 200CFM compressor along with a FoamPro 2002 foam system.

    We are specing another pumper right now and are going with the same pump specifications and model as the one outlined above.

    If this is like what your talking about, I can give you some feedback on how it has been.
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    Hi BlitzfireSolo,

    The two main differences is the manufacturer of the compressor, along with its warrenty and training.

    The "Silver" series does not include a CAFS instructor that would come to your department and instruct on how to operate and utilize your CAFS. However, this maybe purchased separately with the "Silver" series.

    The "Silver" series only has a 1 year warrenty vs. a 5 year with the Eclipse or "Platinum" series. The Eclipse and "Platinum" series uses a GHH Rahn screw compressor vs. a different brand that I don't know the name of.

    The "Silver" series also uses manual air control valves and "Auto-Sync" controls vs. electronic with the Eclipse and "platinum" series.

    I would contact Pneumax directly in Arizona at 888-763-8629 and ask them. They can better explain.

    Hope this helps.

    Be safe,

    Captain Lou
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