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    A typical Work-Day for Us.....

    Well it varies from day to day. I work for a combination department {Mainly Volunteer but there are 6 of us Fulltime Career Personnel on the roster}

    We perform basic Janitorial Duties, Apparatus Checks, maintain the Ambulance as far as supplies and stuff...{EMS is our main job although we are firefighters when needed to drive or staff a piece of apparatus} We opperate 2 people on from 6am to 6pm on a 4 day on 4 day off rotation and My-Self Mon. to Thurs. from 1800-0600 and my opposite partener on Fri. - Sun. -- The Night People work alone hoping that Volunteers respond for the ambulance calls......Not an Issue I'll start here

    I don't mind performing the basic janitorial stuff but a majority of the volunteers are absolute slobs including some of the chief officers and captains who are also the same ones that think we're paid too much, shouldn't have benifits {Yeah my whopping $36,000.00 a year salary is too much right ?} and this same majority thinks we should be constantly moving looking busy and cleaning up thier messes....Thank-God the Chief {Our Boss} is cool. He expects us to do what's in our job description and take it easy after the basic stuff is done.

    Yeah the Night Staff sleeps {as do the day guys when oppurtunity knocks} I'm usually on the up-stairs sofa watching Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien before I drift off How can you not sleep especially at night, it's only human nature. Besides I've noticed I function better if I'm woken up from sleep than I am after being up 3/4 of the day and all night ... After-all my phiosophy is I'm paid for what I might have to do not what I'm doing 90% of the time when someone comes into the station.

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    0730-1630 M-F & 0730 -1200 on Saturday with an hour for lunch M-F. All kinds of things each day. Equipment checks, inspections/walk thrus, training, cleaning the station, pub ed. Rigs must be clean at all time prior to 2100. Wash it more then once a shift? Been there, done that, many times.

    Weekly duties such as cleaning windows, washing the boat (even if it sits in the station all week). Monthly duties such as back flushing pumps, waxing rigs & filpping matresses .

    Yearly duties such as hose testing and removing all the grease from the aerial (so the mechanic can put more on). The county takes care of the hydrant system or we would be doing that to.

    We have to "look busy" all the time. My department may just be the poster child for busy work. No sitting around or watching TV (untill 1630). Cant go to bed till 2000.

    Stupid? Very. Does it effect our ability to funtion at 0 dark 30, sure it does. Does admin care? Absolutly not.

    Oh, and did I mention our average of 6 calls per day per station on top of all this busy work.
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