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    For a while now I have been searching to get on a fire department in any capacity other than "Explorer" . I recently was offered a job with the Nimishillin Township FD.

    I already had EMT-B and FFII w. Haz-mat so I'm pretty employable. The township I live in has not hired any volunteers in 3 years (They are a combo dept.) And all though I have been applying and testing various places I have not been a top candidate yet.

    I'm really looking foreward to working with "Nims" as its called for many reasons:

    -They are a VERY progressive dept. (even have those funny helmets )
    -I know a few of the people well already (EMS capt. was my FFII inst.)
    -Offers paid on call status @ (8.50 per hour (Basics)
    -Weekly training, not meetings
    -New departments
    -New apparatus
    -Currently reciving new turnouts through FEMA grant
    -Dept. will pay for my paramedic school ( a big chunck of the cost of the emergency fire services degree I'm taking currently)
    -Lots of other stuff, overall, a great dept. with even better people. I respect tham a lot for being the first fire dept. to trust me as a member, as particulerly because I'm 19.

    The dept has two stations (2 distrects) in a mostly rural but rapidly expanding/growing area. Each station is manned 27/7 with 2, (1 must be a medic), they vollies like myself respond to large incidents and to cover the station if possible when the medic is out.

    Station 1 has a rescue/pumper with a CAFS system, a second class A pumper (older, both Pierce), a NEW medtec ACLS unit, 2 squads, 2000 gallon tank/pump, utility.

    Station 2 has a NEW MedTec ACLS unit, class a pump (Pierce again), identical tanker, brush truck with Polaris brush unit on trailor and a squad.

    The dept. has also aquired and taken over SCD (Stark County Dispatch) which dispatches for some 26 police or fire depts. I know a lot of the members are being cross trained as dispatcher now, but i don't know a lot about the whole situation.

    Here is the best part, a 3rd station is currently under construction and is set to house a class a pump, tanker and ACLS unit. In November if the fire dept. levy passes they will be moving to 3 full time crews on 3 shifts plus a lot more part timers with insurance, so there is a great oppertunity for me to step up.

    Only downside is i have to be 21 to drive anything but the Polaris, but thats not a big deal since there are plenty of people to drive and by the time I get my degree I will be 21.

    So for now I'm off to learn the ropes, make new friends, get my degree and become a medic and hopefully a paid position. Can you tell I'm excited?

    Wish us luck to pass out levy, and wish me some too, I might need it.

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