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    Our area in talking about doing a Regional Grant next year. ( Planning early ). My question is this? I know that the grant has to be applied for under a Fire Department. ( not a problem doing this.) But if its a regional grant can the departments, or Dist that are going to benifit from the regional grant Can they still apply for a grant within their own department or dist. Example, Five departments within the county, Department (A) applies for communications the grant. Departments (B) (C) (D) (E) can they each apply for firefighters gear and airpacks.

    My second question, and BC I know you know more about all this maybe you can help. Does a Career Department vs a Vol Department have a better chance in getting a grant because of the number of Vol department out weigh career?

    Sorry to bother you all with stuiped quetions but these quetions have came up and I know I'll have to answer to them again.



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    Career vs Volunteer: no, one doesn't have a better chance than the other.

    Regional grants: it does not matter who does the hosting, and yes, the others not hosting can apply for other projects as long as there is no duplication of requests. The easy way to get them all shot down, is for one of the others to request a vehicle.

    I have more to add but on my way to a meeting right now. I'll add more in case Kurt, Alana, or someone else doesn't chime in before.

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    Right oh, Brian! Johnny on the spot here. Regional applications will more than liklely be given a HIGHER priority this coming year than ever before. You should read HSPD-8 and the accompanying National Response Plan which will give you the basis for this priority being established.

    If you think about it, that is what NIMS and DHS were brought into existence to accomplish... make everyone interoperable with each other.

    There was a release issued from the NIMS integration center yesterday that quite simply stated that departments (police, fire and EMS) need to drop the use of the archaic "ten-codes" and switch to "plain speech". I know many fire services have been switching to this for years already, and this just emphasizes my point that DHS is shifting, by law, into requiiring that the money be spent towards true interoperability, and that is how it should be.

    Last year I recommended to most of my clients that they stay away from a regional application because they had not CLEARLY devised a way to identify that an application was "regional" in nature and the computer scoring only used your local numbers to determine competetive range and movement towards peer review.

    This "omission" and problem has been clearly identified to firegrant support and it is my understanding that 2006 AFG will address that concern so that the playing field is level ,and the regional applciations will not slip through the cracks.

    The hardest thing to do in a regional application is get all parties involved to the same sandbox, and to agree who is going to do what. That is why there need to be meetings and committees being formed for these type applications right now. Once you have everyone to the table, you need to decide several things and reach concensus with everyone about utilizing this approach:

    1.) What the project will be? ( breathing standardization and communications come to mind here)
    2.) Who is going to be the "host agency"?
    3.) Establishing "automatic" mutual aid agreements, or at the very least, written mutual aid agreements?
    4.) Gathering and compiling of the demographic and statistical data you will need to support and justify your request?
    5.) How you are going to divide up and share the "matching funding" from department to department?

    Those are the basics you need to get decided right now, before proceeding another step.

    If you need further advice contact me offline.
    Kurt Bradley
    Fire/EMS/EMA Grant Consultant
    " Never Trade Skill for Luck"

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