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    Angry Teaneck Firefighters removing helmet stickers etc.

    I just had to comment on this latest tidbit. I can understand the notion that some stickers could possibly be offensive to some and not to others. I remember a discussion in Fire Officer II that had a Lt. discuss uniform policy and helmet stickers that some might think offensive. You can actually put a religious cross on your helmet and someone can find that offensive. They are not necessarily wrong in their conviction. It is just getting absolutely ridiculous and removing any semblance of individuality in this world (and in the fire service now) to be politically correct and to appease everyone. Anyway, it's just a shame it has gotten to this and we're actually supposed to be a bunch of lemmings and just follow suit. Policy and procedure is one thing but making policy that doesn't allow specific items on a fire helmet, that marked tradition in this country, is absolutely ridiculous.

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    heads up.... we are all over here Teaneck thread

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