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    Quote Originally Posted by DaSharkie
    1 - I don't know them personally. Politicians are career folks. Public servants wish to actually help folks.

    I have yet to see a politician make the lot in life better for many folks. If you take a look at the political stances of a party and its politicians, they do not seem to solve an issue as then they lose that issue - but they will rail like heck about it.

    Personally, there is a difference between a politician and one who holds a political office. Just how I feel, like it or not.

    2 - If I meant "Statesman" I would have said it. You are paid to serve the public (whether you do or not is a different story) therefore you are a public servant.

    You can call them what you want, but I will call them as I wish to.

    I have not seen a "Statesman" in a very long time, if ever.

    3 - OK. SO they talk about the "little guy" but I have yet to see them help the "little guy."

    4 - So it is a "b." It is still a listed definition. Taken on it's own, it is a definition.

    I was not trying to spin anything. I was listing the definitions. Do you really think that it would make a difference if I had put a "b" in front of it instead of a "3?" Thank your for your attempt to interpret my mind.

    5 - I do say the same thing about police officers and firefighters on the front page. I don't see a whole lot of stuff about politicians there. When I do, I say the same thing.

    6 - We are both correct. If you do not vote, you have given up a right. If you continue to elect people who chip away at your rights by passing laws, you have done the same thing.

    Either way, we all lose. Nothing will change, the politicians are counting on it.
    I'm with ya Sharkie....I agree with you 100%!!!!

    To quote Hunter S. Thompson--"Don't take any guff from these f*cking swine!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by DennisTheMenace
    The only citizens that have given up their power are those that do not get involved in the process and those that refuse to vote for what ever reason.
    Great point DM. Colin Powell has a great line. "Decisions are made by those who show up". And looking at voter turnout, many are abdicating their right to make decisions by not showing up.
    Politics is like driving. To go forward select "D", to go backward select "R."

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