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    I just reciently interviewed for a Fire Marshal job and am looking for some help on how to read the results. The interview panel consisted of the HR manager, Captain and Fire Chief. The Chief asked a cuple questions and the rest of the time he staired out the window. I talked to another guy that interviewed and he said the same thing. Then the other candidate made some smart remarks durning his oral and when leaving he said "by the way your extinguishers are out of date". I think he blew his chances but was wondering if anyone had an opinion. The other two guys have more experience at inspections, but I have alot of other qualifications such as investigation, education ect. Plus I come from private industry, is this something that may hurt my chances?

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    Default Psyching Yourself Out?

    It’s all in the four inches between your ears.

    You can’t know what the panel is thinking. Once you start trying, you will tank your oral board score. Just give your best performance no matter what you think the oral board is doing. Trying to interpret the expressions, attitudes of the panel, what they are writing, etc., is mental masturbation. I had several candidates contact me after their orals where I was on their panel. They would tell me what they thought I was thinking or doing. They were never right.

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