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    Post The 10 Questions

    I received the 10 questions and responded over a month, maybe a month and a half ago. Should I be worried since it is taking so long? I have been awarded the grant 2 other times with it only talking about 2 weeks after the 10 questions were sent back. Any insite would be great.


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    Did you get the 1199A link yet? If not, call the Helpdesk and make sure they have your questions logged as received. If you got a confirmation on the questions being received, and you have the 1199A link, no need to worry, it's going to take longer than in previous years because of the large Round 1.

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    Not to long ago I received the questions. When I replied to the 1199a I received and email that they had received it in two days from the time they got it. I went a week and a half without hearing anything about the ten questions. I called the help desk today. I was told that they are not sending out emails that they received the questions. If there is a problem or they did not get them they will get a hold you. I the gentleman I talked to said they would have been in touch if they did not hear back in two weeks roughly. Hope that helps you
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