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    Well LT Leroy, let me see if I can answer your question. We did get reissued long coats again, but you had to ask for them so you do see some short coats with 3/4's. But even our "short" coats go down beyond your pants pockets and the "long" coats go to your knees (almost). We also have the option to wear the long coat with steel toed work boots. We all know what has to be done and it gets done. Generally, most engine guys are wear bunker pants and the ladder men are wearing 3/4 or work boots. During the winter I think most out there know what choice is made, again its all up to the OIC to change when appropriate. It works for us.
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    Thanks Cap. I appreciate both yours and BostonJake's answers to my queries. Sounds like an ideal situation, to be able to have a choice. And yes, here in New England, winter requires bunker pants. 'Nuff said on that, as I'm sure all my Northeast brothers can agree with.
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