When those words are spoken in an authoratative manner, well they get the results that were expected Especially when they are directed at me, even when walking in the street at noon time.

I had lunch at the Navy Memorial down Pennsylvania Ave and was just starting to walk back to the Embassy when I heard someone call out to me, by rank designator. Now thats not a very common call to hear in the street, but it got my attention. Expecting to see an officer (because thats usually who would call out like that ) I was pretty surprised when it turned out to be a fellow in civilian clothing. Ok... so maybe he's an officer wearing civilian dress today.

As it turns out, he is the Director of Education, at the US Navy Memorial Centre. I had seen him as I was walking out, talking on his cell. So of course that was about as much attention paid at the time. In any case I got a fast run down of his family history (he is a former Navy Master Chief from Detroit, wife from Ontario, her dad was in the Canadian Militia....) And that he had seen me a couple of times over the past few weeks. No brainer there, I often grab lunch from the Manhattan Deli, which is located across from the Memorial Center.

He talked about hockey (asked if we could put some sort of pressure on the League, and commented that he had just been speaking with Gordie Howe's agent about something. Just goes to show who you'll meet when you least expect it.

**Hmmmm the FBI building is just another block away..... I wonder if "Spooky Mulder" will talk to me next? Pssstt.. I think they're watching me** HAHAAHAHA