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    Default Is your Jurisdiction 2006 NIMS/plain text compliant? A new pickle!!

    My fire jurisdiction has no problems with this we have been using plain english ( or whatever ya wanna call it). The pickle is NIMS touts getting the whole jurisdiction on board. That was no problem getting the cops and public works to take a couple hour class but plain english?!?!?! The cops refuse... "it is a danger to their safety" I used to be a cop so I kind of understand but...NIMS compliance covers the entire jurisdiction not just fire soo...if they comply and they do not...how is the question going to be answered? I know this is early in the game as they are calling for this by October of 2006 but if we tackle it now we will be ready.

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    The grants (as of lastest check) were only concerned with the departments that are applying for federal funding, knowing that the exact situation that you're describing exists all over the place. So as long as your FD is compliant, it shouldn't matter if the cops aren't.

    Just remind them that the eligibility for federal funding applies to ALL agencies, so if the police department wants any federal dollars, they'll have to be plain English and NIMS compliant also.

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