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Thread: Nicknames

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    Default Nicknames

    Okay,who else has a bunch of guys at the station with odd nicknames.When a hot reporterette is on a fireground,we'll use our nicknames if we're on the department's private ops channel.They always ask if everybody has a nickname because we sound like a bunch of truckers on the CB.
    Mine's "Drug"because during a recent robbery attempt at my store,I was the idiot hanging onto the B pillar of the getaway car getting dragged across 5 o'clock traffic looking to shank the passenger with my lockblade before I decided to let go and "Tuck and roll,Grandma!".

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    At my engine house: Lounge Lizard, Shrek, Pedro, & Sluts

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    We've got a shrek at our firehall as well. Small world - is your Shrek green too?

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    The best two names I have heard in the Dept.

    "Flounder"- the guy slept so much on duty it was rumored that one eye was migrating over to the other

    "Hammerhead"- his face featured some very widely set eyes

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    Blister, for the one that shows up after all the work is done.

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    Our Asst Chief got divorced about six months ago. We've been calling him "dry hydrant."

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    We have this guy at the station that has a truly HUGE head. When he wears his helmet it looks like half a ping pong ball on his dome,hence the nickname Ping-Pong. The sad part is that I'm so used to calling him by his nickname I revert to using it at scenes. "Hey Ping-Pong, grab a pike pole".

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    at my firehouse everyone...i mean everyone calls me stick. it was from when i first joined up i was 5'4" 110lbs. Kinda self explanitory. Even in the heat of the moment at a scene or whatever thats what everyone calls me. It just stuck and i really dont mind it. were in the process of ordering new turnouts and im wondering if i should have my last name put on the tail or my nickname...maybe the nickname people will recognize more than my last name? lol

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    We had a "Morph" for a couple of years.

    Short for Morphine...

    A slow acting dope.
    Psychiatrists state 1 in 4 people has a mental illness.
    Look at three of your friends, if they are ok, your it.

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    Theres a kid at the neighbouring brigade called 'Clear-away' (rubbish collection company) because on his first night shift patrolling a fire, he ate the 3 man crews' food all by himself. His explanation: 'You mean they give you that little each? I thought this was just my dinner.' He still hasnt cottoned on to the joke when we start making beeping and other such noises associated with garbage trucks. When putting a tool on the back of the truck we make the banging and hydraulic noises.
    He once commented to one of the women (the wife of one of the crews whose food he ate): 'Gee, people act strange on the fireground. It must be all the smoke getting to them. One of them made beeping noises and they all burst out laughing.'

    The same kid also made the mistake of trying to take a nap in one of the trucks after a fire. We were having a bit of a bbq with the other brigades when i noticed he had crawled into the cab and lied down and not come out. The first officer of one of the brigades snuck over and turned the sirens on. That woke him up quick!
    "There are only two things that i know are infinite, the universe and human stupidity. And im not so sure about the former."

    For all the life of me, i cant see a firefighter going to hell. At least not for very long. We would end up putting out all the fires and annoying the devil too much.

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