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    Default last chance to vote

    Which do you think causes more traffic accidents? Vote here - 30 secs of your time and the current results may suprise you.....


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    At the risk of causing a riot, I have to say that I think that it should be illegal to talk on a cellphone while driving. Most people do not have the cognitive skills it takes to drive well AND talk on the phone (myself included). The few times I've done it, I know that my driving suffered. Now I pull over in a parking lot if I need to call someone before I get home.

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    It should definately be allegal to drunk and yak on the cell fone at the same thyme.

    Spillage is a mongrel to clean up befor ya gets home.

    Evun hands free kits mean ya brain is engaged in thunking bouts the convo, not what is about to "make your day" on the road.

    On the other hand, a couple of drunks and its easier ta focus on two (maybe three things at once). But probably not in the same sentence. Eh.

    S'pose it doesn't matter when ya being cutted out of the wrekage by us dum bunnies.

    Talking on the cell phone, drinking, smoking, all that crap is bollocks
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    In NSW it is illegal to use a handheld mobile phone while driving, currently though I'm working in Bangkok for a year and everyone here uses their mobile phone on the road.

    Driving down the expressway in the back of a taxi with no seat belts at 150KPH+ and the driver is having an animated discussion on his phone really gets the ticker kicking I've had to learn what the Thai's call "Mental Erase", if I think I'm somewhere else then nothing bad can happen, right

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    Chunktal i know your pain. In QLD (Australia) its illegal to use your mobile whilst driving unless you have a hands free kit. My brother lives in Malaysia and when i went to visit him; every taxi ride was a struggle to find a seat belt puched back between the back and bottom of the seat.
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    My favourite for being "Over There" was the two taxis that get into an fist waving arguement over which lane to use, while on the phone.... I experienced that once. And it was enough. I think there was a jeepny involved there too... and maybe a moped or two as well. Thankfully it was in the city, not the freeway.
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    See if this gets anyone in an uproar. Yesterday we was out on an mva. The ambulance that responded on the red the driver was on the phone. I couldn’t believe my eyes to see that. Traffic was backed up and he was on the phone.
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