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    Quote Originally Posted by dixiechicknc
    I'd have to know more info...
    Things like call volume, roster, app. budget (ball park, of course...) vol, combo or career...all makes difference on what and how much your asking for. How many total sets were you ending up going for by your calculations?
    Hmmm, here's a quick stab in the dark

    Call Volume around 350 a year
    Approximately 30 members
    Budget of around $90K
    All Volunteer

    Some other info - Financially not capable due to the purchase of three new vehicles within the past 5 years. Still in the process of paying those off. That's where the 90K goes to essentially.

    Rough calculations of 30 sets of gear and 16 SCBA's

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    Depending on what those 3 vehicles were and what they were replacing, I see an uphill battle. The question is going to arise when reviewed, how pressing of an issue was it to purchase 3 (not 1) vehicles if the PPE and SCBA were in that bad of shape? Especially with only 350 calls per year, what were those trucks and were they really needed? I know a few departments that run more calls than that with only 2 trucks total. I'm not criticizing the decision to purchase those vehicles, I'm just showing the other side of the coin. These are the kinds of things that have to be taken into consideration when designing projects and justifying financial need in teh narrative.

    I don't want to spill too much yet, my article on writing narratives is almost done and will be up to FH.com this week. I'm afraid if I tell everything here, no one will read it.

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    In my opinion, if it were one of my departments, I would caution them about asking for all three this time. I would recommend picking two: either the TO's and the Gear Washer and wait til nxt year on SCBAs and TIC (or vice versa). I think they (= you) would be in better shape...just a little too much to ask for in light of what they are trying to justify (JUST MY OPINION).

    I have seen too many departments "go all out" and try and get everything in one year and end up with nothing to show for it. Better to have a long range plan, and have something, than nothing.

    What is in worse shape, and putting the guys in MORE of harms way>? The TO's or SCBAs??? That's what I'd ask the Chief and then that's how I'd write the grant. Because essentially, (and backing up what Brian said) trucks don't normally save lives. Gear can and routinely does. OLD GEAR is dangerous. Now, sometimes Really old trucks can be bad for you....LOL...but you usually have an alternative. (And remember, as he mentioned, there are ALWAYS worse departments out there)

    To mention that you can't buy the gear because you just bought 3 trucks isn't enough. Why? Did the district expand? Did a housing boom come in and suddenly the call volume trippled? Why 3 trucks? Or else don't go there...w/o more info.

    The budget vs. calls vs. size of department is about average or a little below average for the ones I work with, so sounds as if that part would be fine. Am gonna send you a PM with another question for you to ask them...
    Alana Tomlin Denton
    Freelance Grant Writer/Consultant

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    I already explained to the guys from the department that it may be an uphill battle, but it's worth a shot.

    To the best of my knowledge, and it will definitely be something I clarify later, but the reason for replacing the trucks went something like this. There second line engine was in much need of replacement and they knew they were going to be replacing it so they had the funds and they purchased a new truck to make it their front line engine and this go around they purchased a pumper/tanker (since their area is mainly rural and unhydranted). Well they were working on plans to save money to replace their tanker which was also in desperate need. As the plans were moving forward and they were saving money, I believe it was the old tanker went down...like out of comission down. So they went to the village and asked for a "bond" and borrowed the money, so while they were borrowing they got enough to replace the tanker and their special service vehicle. The replacement of the special services vehicle was a large debate internally and there was quite the scuttle butt about it through out the rest of the departments in the county. The thought was that they needed gear and SCBA's, but that was their Chief's decision, so not much else we can do now. Meanwhile, their guys are still using gear that is 10-15 years old and using SCBA's that are even older. So I guess that's where I come in. They have yet to receive any funding through the AFG, and I've already warned them that just because I'm involved doesn't mean things are going to change. I do think that I have a better picture now, and as much as I hate to, I think I may talk them into just applying for the TO and the washer and go for the SCBA's later. I mean they really do need both, but don't want to jeapordize things. Would much rather be successful than to spend all that time and energy in something that isn't going to fly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jboczek
    There is a Maytag Vulcan (at least I think that's what it is) that is a commercial washer that has extraction speed. While it's not stainless steel and extra large capacity, it may do the job for you. Check their web site.
    Heck you can buy a Maytag made 40 minutes from here.

    Wait, they closed that down and shipped production to Mexico. Why would you recommend a company who does something like that???
    FTM - PTB

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