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    Default Purchasing a New Tanker

    On our grant, we applied for a Tanker. Are we able to upgrade that to a Pumper/Tanker or do we have to stick with what we applied for. I know this probably has already been answered and I oppoligize for asking again. I looked for the past post nad can't seem to find it. I know that we are able to upgrade, but is this "too" much of an upgrade?

    Thanks for you assistance.

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    Default Question for WPFD214

    Can you e-mail me i have a couple of questions for you. assistantchief12@hotmail.com

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    It depends on how you worded the application. If there was no pump mentioned anywhere, then you might have an uphill battle, but it would still be approved. If you said 500gpm pump, no big deal getting a bigger one. As long as it has more than a 1,250 gallon tank, DHS considers it a tanker. They have no pumper-tanker or rescue-pumper categories this year. Anything with at least a 1000gpm pump was considered a pumper, unless it had more than 1,250 gallons of water on board, then it was just a tanker.

    So if you said 2,000 gallon tanker with a 500gpm pump (or no pump), there won't be a problem making it 1000gpm, 1500gpm or even more. That won't change the main purpose of the truck (water supply) from what you applied for. But if you try and make the tank smaller than 1250 gallons in order to afford a bigger pump, then it's just a pumper according to the rules, and that's not what you applied for, so that would change the application's purpose and not be allowed. You have to go with the specs you wrote in the application as minimums, even if you didn't say minimum. So if you said "2000 gallon tanker", that's the smallest tank you can buy. If you can buy a bigger tank for the money, then that's A-OK because that's more bang for the same buck. But you can't go smaller. Same thing on pump size, you can't drop from what you stated in the application.

    Congrats, and fire away if you have other questions. Either here or email if you don't want to do it online.

    - Brian

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