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    Smile turn out gear

    I am the head of an explorer post in Lincoln Illinois and we are looking for some help in getting some good used turn out gear for our explorers. Wehave a very low budget and the gear we currently have is not any good anymore.
    If anyone has any suggestions. Please let me know I really appericate it.

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    Default A few of the companies in my area have gone to the

    A few of the companies in my area have gone to the neighboring companies that have larger budgets and asked for there out of service gear. Since most explorers are not allowed interior the gear deos not have to be fire worthy. Our budget was 120k, the companies around us had budgets around 1mil. Also if you have a paid company in your area ask for there old gear.

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    LOL. nbfc, I'm sorry your budget is sooooo small. Ours is now up to a wapping 15,400.00.
    Katie, we may have a couple sets of descent old morning pride kicking around. I will check for you.

    Try You may find some help there.
    There goes the neighborhood.

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