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    We are finally on the road.......

    On Saturday, 25 members of our Swiftwater Component were deployed to
    Baton Rouge LA. The team left Trenton at approx. 2:30 pm with 8
    vehicles and a NJ DOT mechanic. This is the first NJ resource
    to the Gulf States in response to Hurricane Katrina. The team was
    deployed under the Emergency Management Assistance Compact. This
    Compact allows the responders from other states to retain their
    authorities, certifications, liability/immunity protections once
    they leave their home state.

    As of 06:30 am on Sunday, the advance unit of the team was in
    Alabama and approx. 3 hrs from Baton Rouge. The convoy with the
    remainder of the personnel were about 3 hours behind the advance
    unit or 6 hours from Baton Rouge. At this point the trip is ahead
    of schedule except for a couple of flat tires on the convoy
    vehicles, which have been repaired. NJ-TF1 is still prepared to
    deploy US&R assets if requested and we are monitoring the requests
    coming from the Gulf States. At this point the primary requests
    have been for Law Enforcement resources and NJ may be sending
    several hundred law enforcement officers to the area in the
    near future.
    Peace to our fallen brothers...

    9/11/01 NYC WTC

    7/4/02 Gloucester City, NJ

    -=IACOJ=- The proof is in the crust

    ......Work hard, play hard, and always have fun along the way......

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    Thumbs up Firefighter/Medic/Ems response to Katrina

    Heres what we found out yesterday about responding. I called all day to the Red Cross, Salvation Army etc. The Salvation Army called back from Baton Rouge and said they were very interested in help. Heres the phone number for them 225-355-4483
    We also got a response from Baton Rouge, LA the operation happening out of LSU (Lousianna State University). Go to LSU website under Katrina Aide for more info. They did ask for a response from my husband a professional FF/Medic and another guy on his department. 225-763-5756
    Here are other numbers we got from the Emergency Prep. line there(225-389-2100):
    225-578-0377 (PMAT)
    225-765-6565 (Hospital)
    225-358-1000 (Hospital)

    We left our name and number every where we called and got a call back in about 3 hours from the LSU director guy and this AM heard back from the Sal. Army.
    They ask that you get in contact with them so you can get info about what is needed and where. Plan on bringing copies of your liscenses and credentials. If you go there is more info on www.iaff.org regarding safety and what to bring.
    FF Wife- Karen

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    DM ...

    This just shows how many changes need to occur in the state system of emergency response. We are all the way up here on the TX/ARK border (400 miles from NO) was was contacted by LSU Fire Training on Saturday (before the storm) to send crews starting on Sunday as part of search and rescue task force, yet departments close to the incident, such as yours, are struggling to get to the scene. This situation needs to be cleaned up and the state needs to develop a system to coordinate the response and develop a pre-incident staging system. I do feel that we still need the extremly specialized skills of the USAR teams, but you are correct when you say that most of the "rescues" that occured were simply a matter of loading folks into boats. There were a few instances of where we did have to "extricate" people from the structures, but all of those simply involved manpower and few simple hand tools.

    There was actually no shortage of manpower there on our side of the NO area, but there were access issues. More boats were needed, and certainly these could have pre-staged, given that flooding was the most likely rescue scenerio, but that didn't happen. There are many, many resources in this statewide, as well as in eastern TX that are readily available within a relativly short period of time. There are large areas that could be used for prestaging resources from north LA, TX and OK, such as the facilities of recently closed England Air Force Base in Alexandria. It all comes down to developing a system of predicting the most likely resources to be needed, locating resources, contacting those resources and in situations such as this, staging those resources effectivly.
    THIS IS A STATE OEM RESPONSIBILITY .. the feds are a backup not to be expected on scene for at least 72 hours.

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    Default cut the red tape

    does any body know when they will send fire service members.that have filled out all there bull**** paperwork ,my departments had theirs in for 4 days and are ready to go. yet know one from dhs fema or any other org has returned a call. just wondering if it was sitting on someones desk waiting for them to get off vacation

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    Unhappy Michagan Eoc is up and running

    Quote Originally Posted by clarksonchief
    does any body know when they will send fire service members.that have filled out all there bull**** paperwork ,my departments had theirs in for 4 days and are ready to go. yet know one from dhs fema or any other org has returned a call. just wondering if it was sitting on someones desk waiting for them to get off vacation
    michigan if you want to help the state has a web site and phone number
    and are calling ems and other to help but yet the whole state of mi is finding the same b.s. from FEMA what a joke. They need help not red tape.duh
    it dose not take much to now that ems and fire ect. need help in the after mate of the storm.
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    Remember the 'paperwork' most of you are filling out for the FEMA response teams are COMMUNITY service teams, not front line response efforts.


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    The state EOC has stated that they are in dire need of fire apparatus, equipment, personnel-paid or volunteer, food, water and gasoline.
    Whoops, edited.
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    THIS IS A STATE OEM RESPONSIBILITY .. the feds are a backup not to be expected on scene for at least 72 hours.
    You hit the proverbial nail right on the friggin' head.

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    If my memory serves me right GWB declared a state of emergency before the storm actually hit (or something like that) now I don't want to split hairs but does that 72 hours start from when GWB says 'go' or does it start the moment the "all clear" is given to operate in a said area...I mean I can see how some would say its after the "all clear" but most people with common sense would say to themselves "SELF! large amounts of storm surge, I should get some boats prepositioned...SELF! every tree in the area is gonna come down, maybe preposition so rescue, tree removal, 'grunt' units to a) be able to clear trees off of roadways and b) be able to clear trees away from houses to access occupantes inside...SELF! people will be injured, why not position some EMS assests to assist local assets in the post incident 'flood of 911 calls'...and SELF! maybe we should adopt the system of 'its easier to call someone and turn them back than to call them after something took a crap in the bed".
    This we do so others may live

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    I know **** & moan about the same things, but here goes.

    Front page of the Fire Engineering's web site

    Hurricane Katrina: USFA Request to Mobilize Fire Service Members
    Washington, D.C. - Our Nation is faced with the most catastrophic natural disaster in modern times, and we are calling upon the Nation's fire service to aid the affected citizens and communities. This is the United States Fire Administration's initial request to mobilize members of the fire service within Federal guidelines.

    And now Federal guidelines in case youíve been out in a coma.
    The work is non-operational community relations focused activities that consist of direct outreach to persons in the affected areas. They will assist victims in understanding how they will go about the process of getting Federal assistance, distributing information,ÖÖ

    The United States Fire Administration telling us, Our Nation is faced with the most catastrophic natural disaster in modern times. We are calling upon the Nation's fire service to aid the affected citizens and communities.
    Why is it that every agency has to pop up and say something, even if itís babble. Somehow Iíd expect more from the USFA

    With all the people who lost homes and jobs why not give then the job of distributing assistance information? The Feds will pay us (who have jobs and a home) and turn around and hand money to the evacuees. I say give these people back a little pride, putíen to work.

    Lots of things in the world I donít understand this just adds one more

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    With all the people who lost homes and jobs why not give then the job of distributing assistance information? The Feds will pay us (who have jobs and a home) and turn around and hand money to the evacuees. I say give these people back a little pride, putíen to work."

    As true as that is and I thought about it myself at first. It is going to take some time before most of these people are together enough to take jobs. They have more important things on their minds right now, where are they going to live , where is their family. The jobs should be available for those who want them however I don't know how many will be able to fill them.

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    amazing. all of these firemen (paid and volunteer) and no one can get it straight. have a friend of mine outside chicago who showed me how illinois MABAS works. seems to be the best so far, and maybe the california CDF setup too. as stated many times someone dropped the ball. and it seems on ALL levels, but thats another argument. i may go in the next bunch of guys from my job, 5 from my battalion went this time. except for a few nitwits on here, i throw out the paid vollie crap (especially after something like this). days after 9/11, when we were moving the pile with 5 gallon pails (like taking sand off the beach), i handed buckets to a guy who was a vollie outside sacramento california, and later on that night 2 guys from chicago squad 2.

    how the hell he got there in 4 days amazed me, but he was working the pile like the rest of us, till the job coodinated efforts with mostly fdny guys. its gonna be tough for everyone, and when i get there i dont care whose helping me or who im helping, were in it together. thats the AMERICAN way, and thats the BROTHERHOOD. good luck to the brothers there and i pray there are NO fatalites. theres been enough...

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    This an email I got forwarded to me a couple of days ago, albeit that it's only concerning LA as far as I can tell...

    02:24 PM EST
    Tracking Number: 2005-96-SR429Impacted States: ALL STATESDescriptionFIRE - The State of Louisiana thanks the nation's fire service for the outpouring of support. At this time - NO ADDITIONAL RESOURCES ARE REQUIRED. Any previous orders through EMAC for fire service resources are CANCELLED (except for those units that are already on the ground in Louisiana)- Even if you have a completed REQ-A - if the resource is not in Louisiana already, turn them around. POC: Fire Marshal Henry Fry 225-925-4911 EMS/EMT - SAME MESSAGE. POC - Acadian Ambulance 225-925-4911. This catastrophe will take months to recover from and will require additional support from the nation's fire and EMS services. Louisiana will make those requests for support through the EMAC and FEMA channels. Please do not call the POC's to offer assistance at this time. Thanks in advance.Contact:Robert Shilling EMAC Desk

    (225) 925-7478
    This notification has been sent via the EMAC website located at http://www.emacweb.org

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    Looks like the Law Enforcement community has it together much better than us.... What the hell/

    And I love that last cancellation of assistance email - I hear FEMA and all these agencies saying they have all the help they need, yet every night on TV I hear all these cities and towns crying (literally) because they need help.

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    Default Katrina's "Ground Zero"

    Thanks to all who have offered support to our community, and to our neighboring cities. I am the Deputy Chief of the city of Bay St. Louis fire department, a small town about 60 miles from New Orleans on the Mississippi coast. Our city, along with our "sister" cities of Waveland and Pass Christian, make up Katrina's "ground zero". At least 80% of our city has been completely destroyed, and most of our firefighters and law enforcement personnel have lost their homes. Firefighters, law enforcement and other rescue personnel who worked the WTC, Pentagon, Florida hurricanes, as well as those who just left working in New Orleans tell us that none of those disasters hold a candle to what they are seeing here...yet it seems that very little about our devestation is being reported by the media.
    The support our department has received from the fire service and civilians all over the country has been unimaginable. I'm sorry I can't say the same about FEMA, Red Cross (who just arrived in town today), or any other government agencies whose politics and red tape prevented much needed resources from entering our city - even though their medical support, supplies and equipment were staged less than 20 miles from here. We cannot begin to thank all of you enough for your thoughts and efforts...it is the only hope we seem to have of getting through this catastrophe.

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    Default Re: Original thread - Resources "Available"

    While sitting here waiting for a formal and approved call during my post summer slow season (now waiting for 14 days...) with gear packed and our chiefs' blessings to go, I've had time to explore some of the various response options.

    I've also been here for the round of FEMA/Homeland Security NIMS 700 training that's just been conducted and all I can say to you guys who are SO near the LA/MS coast is that I can feel the burn that must be running through your minds right now. Needless to say, every firefighter here was far less then impressed at having to take a test that the giver has so badly failed, especially the interoperability of communications portion.

    That said, and not to add to the off-topic fray, I also just caught a local MS post for used/safe condition turn-out gear that's needed for a MS fire dept. whose own gear was damaged beyond use and decided to act on it.

    Please see my 09/15 post: Miss. Gulf need for usable Turnout Gear

    If some of you boys can peel away from the screen for a few and take a spot check up in the corner of your firehouse store rooms to see if you might be sitting on a set or two I'm sure the effort will not only be hugely appreciated, by those firefighters who lack even the very basics, but you'll also be able to feel like you one-upped the current "management" response as it stands.

    Also, there is one organization who started off by responding to last years' tsunami that is currently working in MS to clear and clean MS firefighters HOMES and yards, repair and cover roofs, etc. since FF's there can't because they're doing double duty already!

    The group, Hands On USA (handsonusa.org) is working directly in conjunction with local authorities, so if you really want to do something for your brothers while being well positioned for any formal duty call, there you go. Plenty to do I'm sure and I'm checking them out myself since at least one police officer is taking part.

    Best Regards,

    Doc LeDuc
    Chesterfield F.D.
    Chesterfield, MA

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