Greetings everyone.

No I don't have an FAQ, that's why I'm here. I need yours. Even though we handle most of the questions in a timely manner on these forums, and somewhere there is probably a forum post addressing what you want to know, not everyone comes in here. Take as evidence the large number of newbies, lurkers, and guests.

So, has allowed me to make a plea here for you to send me your FAQs about grants and funding for one of my later articles. There are links at the bottom of my current ones, as well as the next two that will be coming out prior to the first FAQ one. Depending on volume, there will could be a lot of FAQ articles.

So if you have a question that you don't want to ask here, email it to me at: Even if you already have the answer to what you needed to know, shoot me the question over anyway if you think that it would be beneficial for more people to see. There have been plenty of great ones asked that had us all searching for the answer, so I may be digging around here to find some if no one sends them over. If you need the answer right away, please let me know and I'll send you the answer as well as use the question in the article.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

- Brian