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    Quote Originally Posted by ChiefReason
    Were the United Nations running the blood bank, there would be a "blood for food" scandal.
    With large organizations, it is easy for a few very bad people to commit their fraud and escape detection. But eventually, their greed overloads their brain and they do something dumb that gets them caught.
    With the sheer size of the Katrina/Rita disaster, there will be buttloads of fraud. The only way we can slow it is to prosecute to the fullest extent allowed by law, each and every time it is discovered. Banning contractors for life if they are caught committing fraud seems fair. Fines, restitution and jail should be the minimum.
    The only people are willing to roll the dice is because in the U.S., the upside is very profitable and the downside is negligible.
    October 16, 2005 -- The American Red Cross is still chasing down scammers accused of ripping off 9/11 relief funds recently filing a pair of lawsuits in Manhattan against alleged cheats who took advantage of others' misery to score $65,000 in unneeded benefits. The lawsuits target a Long Island woman who allegedly lied about being suicidal after supposedly losing a co-worker in the attacks, as well as two Brooklynites accused of double dipping and falsely claiming they required assistance. And in a third case, a school crossing guard who worked near the World Trade Center recently was ordered to repay $3,835 to the Red Cross after lying that the attacks left her in a financial lurch. "If prosecutors won't take the case criminally and we feel there's enough evidence there, we will try to get court-ordered restitution," said Devorah Goldburg, a Red Cross spokeswoman. "We are a charity," Goldburg said, "and we rely on the generosity of the public. When people defraud the Red Cross, they're really defrauding the people of America."
    In all, the Red Cross says, there have been 1,473 cases of suspected fraud involving $7 million of the $1 billion Liberty Fund, which the Red Cross set up to aid 9/11 victims. Of these cases, 140 have led to criminal convictions and 130 remain under investigation, Goldburg said. On its own, the Red Cross also has filed 21 lawsuits, five of which are still pending, since the attacks. In a case filed Oct. 5 in Manhattan, the Red Cross claims that Long Islander Shannan Hamilton took $43,000 in 2001 and early 2002 from the organization after claiming to be suicidal over the loss of a co-worker in the attacks.
    The woman allegedly also claimed to have lost her job at Avery Dennison Corp. because she was so distraught. Hamilton asked the Red Cross for money for psychiatric treatment, food and housing, the suit states. The organization initially gave Hamilton two payments. But when Hamilton asked for more cash in July 2002, a Red Cross worker reviewed her file and discovered she had lost her job two months before the attacks and had never gone to a shrink. A spokesman for Avery Dennison told The Post the company never had an office at the trade center and did not lose any employees in the terrorist attacks. In August, the Red Cross also sued Stephanie Li-Tan and Li Jun Tan, who lived together in Brooklyn but made separate requests for assistance for food, mortgage payments, transportation and infant supplies in January 2002. The Red Cross is accusing the father and daughter of double dipping and lying by claiming to need the $22,059 they received. Last month, the judge in the third case ordered school crossing guard Sonia Ortiz to pay up. Ortiz had confessed in a sworn statement that while missing work during the week after Sept. 11, she "suffered no other financial effects from the attack."
    Ortiz, Hamilton and the Tans could not be reached for comment.
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    The local chapter that I work with doesn't do blood drives. We refer people to the Stanford University Hospital blood center instead.

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    i agrea that more of the money should go to help directly. but the people of res cross did what they could. the military and fema, helped.the people who lived there could have helped them selves more.. i am in the military and was down there anf the people could have done more to help there own communities. some helped but most did not they watches as the people who came to HELP did all the work.as it is we were there to HELP not do it all our selves.

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    I thought I'd give an update on what's happened here.

    We're still struggling to bounce back financially from our Katrina damage. We still haven't gotten that roof fixed because of slow insurance and FEMA.

    The Red Cross showed up exactly TWICE in our town during Katrina. Once on the THIRD DAY and once abot 7 DAYS after the storm.
    The second time they had the nerve to ask if our department wanted to give a donation. HAH!!!!!!

    The KEY CHAPTER (Lauderdale County Mississippi) head honco woman sat during and after Christmas begging for more money and lying about all they had done for everyone. WHILE WEARING HER MINK FUR STOLE AND A 1/2+ Kt DIAMOND PENDANT.

    RedCross turned us down flat when we asked for supplies.
    RedCross turned us down flat when we asked for $$$ help.
    RedCross turned us down flat when we asked for food.
    RedCross can kiss our @SS!!!!

    Even if we have to stand on roadside and beg for the money, our townsfolk will always be able to count on us for relief and help.

    Here's who we thank.......
    Thanks to the FEMA folks for supplying ICE and MRE's and WATER to all of our County residents.
    Thanks to the SALVATION ARMY for setting up field kitchens to feed folks who had no power and/or food to cook.
    Thanks to the family in Yazoo who donated us an old but useable deep freezer to stock ICE in for emergencies.

    I've read the above posts,
    You can blindly believe the stories the media and ARC are putting out. You can't refute the stories coming from our area about lack of service from ARC.

    And another thing...........
    NEW ORLEANS IS NOT HURRICANE DAMAGE. That's FLOODING. It all happened AFTER Katrina had passed.

    If you want to see Hurricane Damage, look at MS, AL gulf coast.

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    Default Red Cross

    It's funny that in some cases this org. did this or it didn't do that. I'm a paramedic/ firefighter from Texas. We also got hit by a pretty bad hurricane named RITA. My home town of Beaumont got hit pretty hard. Not only did the whole of south east texas get hammered by it. so did south west la.
    I know how hard mississippi got hit because a group from my church in nederland which is south of beaumont went to gulfport to help out 2 weeks before we got hit at home. Is the system perfect. NO... But I also was in the army for 5 years. That gave me the training to deal with the disaster in a different way than most of the people I work with. We were short on all kinds of things. The point I was trying to make is my wife and 2 small kids left beaumont the wednesday before rita hit and went to her grandparents in springfield, missouri. The RED CROSS, FEMA, and her grandparents church were awesome. They were gone for a total of 6 weeks. I had to work and it was a very intresting 6 weeks. We need to quite name calling and blaming and find what worked and what did not work. Keep the stuff that did and find a soultion that works for everyone.

    We all know this WILL happen again. Just not when or where. I was taught in the military that the best laid plans NEVER stand up to the test of a REAL enemy. We all have to be able to adapt and over come the things.

    But don't let ALL of the god work the Red Cross does go by the way side. They also help service men and women get home to loved ones in time of need.

    AJ Martin EMT-P/ Firefighter and Most of All A DAD

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    Quote Originally Posted by nbfcfireman
    I dont know. I do believe that the local vollys down there will not get all the help that they need. and therefor we should donate to them with a "firefighter to firefighter" type donation.

    However. The red cross really does an amazing amount to help the people devastated and my guess is that they are also helping the responders that need it.
    Not to worry, we're getting donations that we can really use. Many Fire Departments throughout the country have come to our aid here and really have saved the day, from apparatus to bottled water. We're still in the hurt locker, but we're to stubborn to give up. Keep us in your hearts and minds as we continue to serve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarionMedic
    And another thing...........
    NEW ORLEANS IS NOT HURRICANE DAMAGE. That's FLOODING. It all happened AFTER Katrina had passed.

    If you want to see Hurricane Damage, look at MS, AL gulf coast.
    AMEN to that!!

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    Smile It's Me Again............

    Yep, I'm back. I'm the one who stirred up this pot of..... well anyway, I wanted to create a dialog on the subject of US. That's Right. US. Firefighters, EMTs, Medics, Rescuers, whatever you want to call those of US who work or Volunteer in this great business. In retrospect, I suppose I could have chosen my words a bit better, but that's water over the dam, or whatever. What I wanted to help start was an effort where We helped one another, a direct Firefighter to Firefighter effort, rather than giving to a large organization that might not respect our wishes as to what segment of the disaster stricken area we wanted to help. I really think this happened, and to a degree, continues today. Prince Georges county VFDs were able to get some stuff together, including a Ladder Truck that went to West Hancock Miss. Other supplies went elsewhere in that area. If I ruffled a few feathers, Sorry, it wasn't intended. I am quite proud of the efforts that I have seen and heard of, where Firefighters helped Firefighters in the Gulf coast area. May God bless all of you. THANK YOU.
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