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    Default Canada sending four war ships to Louisiana


    Canada sending four ships to Louisiana: Graham
    CTV.ca News Staff

    Defence Minister Bill Graham has announced that Ottawa is sending three Canadian warships and a coast guard vessel packed with relief supplies to the hurricane-ravaged U.S. Gulf Coast.

    Graham said the destroyer, HMCS Athabaskan, and two frigates, HMCS Ville de Quebec and HMCS Toronto, are being readied for deployment and should leave Halifax in three or four days. They will be accompanied by the CCGS Sir William Alexander.

    It will take another three to four days before the ships arrive in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Organizers of the mission, dubbed Operation Union, said the ships are expected to provide humanitarian aid, along with divers, and engineering expertise for reconstruction.

    As well, three Sea King helicopters will be sent to ferry personnel into the devastated areas.

    Commodore Dean McFadden, who will command the deployment, said they were discussing with their American counterparts what their role will be during the expected month-long mission.

    He thought their duties will involve reconstruction, health care and humanitarian aid.

    "We will have the capacity to move people. We'll have the capacity to bring medical supplies and fuel capabilities,'' McFadden said as he stood on the dock next to destroyer HMCS Athabaskan, the command and control ship for the mission.

    "The specific jobs we're going to do, I'll wait until the Americans tell us what help they need.''

    Earlier, Prime Minister Paul Martin told reporters in Saskatoon that "whatever aid is required [Canada] will provide it."

    The prime minister rejected the suggestion that Canada has been slow to react to the growing crisis.

    "We're not waiting to be asked for help," Martin told reporters at a pancake breakfast commemorating Saskatchewan's centennial celebration.

    "We're waiting to be told how our aid can best be directed.

    "The Americans have said to us, 'Listen we're not in a position to take this. We have to set up coordinating bodies.' Once they are set up, we will be able to do it. But for us just to land there in the midst of a lot of chaos really wouldn't do anybody any good."

    Ottawa is also responding on another front.

    Martin announced Friday that Canada will increase oil exports as requested by the International Energy Agency.

    "Our goal will be to help stabilize the existing situation but not in any way that will impose any diminishing supply for Canadians," Martin said.

    If the other 26 member countries do the same they will help stabilize the world market in the wake of the storm, which badly damaged the U.S. Gulf Coast oil supply.

    Martin said he had consulted with the province and oil companies before making his decision.

    He said the aid effort won't result in a shortage in Canada.

    Canadian drivers have been hammered at the gas pumps in recent days due to energy price spikes cause by the hurricane.
    personally I don't know if this is good or bad what do you folks think? Do you necessairly need this form of response? Do you think this is a bit overkill?
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    Someone needs to respond. Beings fema doesn't see fit to mobilize the many, many teams that are still in standby. Who says the only good things to come out of canada are hockey and avril lavrine. I might not even sing the blame canada song anymore.

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    Canada has a Navy?!?!??! I didn't even think Canada had a military, let alone a Navy and Coastguard. Wow...
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    Quote Originally Posted by FTMPTB15
    Canada has a Navy?!?!??! I didn't even think Canada had a military, let alone a Navy and Coastguard. Wow...
    Well sure they have a navy silly, a whole fleet of fising boats with machine guns mounted on the bow.

    Seriously, Canada has a nice little navy, mainly with ships built for anti-sub warfare. I know at one time they even had an ex British aircraft carrier that was converted to a helicopter carrier.

    Anyway, thanks to the Brothers and Sisters of the great white north for the help. The people down here can sure use it. A great big thanks, eh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thaddie

    personally I don't know if this is good or bad what do you folks think? Do you necessairly need this form of response? Do you think this is a bit overkill?

    Why would you think that? Do you not think that we should be sending aid? We send this much and more to help other countries across the water, do you not think it's time that we extend this much and more to our neighbors?

    I do not think it's bad, I think it's a great response and it's not overkill. It is getting tons of much needed supplies to the areas that need them the most.
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    as I stated above, I haven't stated my feelins on this, and in fact at the time of posting this thread I didn't know what to think. merly I put this article out to find out what others think. However incase your wondering, I now think this is a wonderful allocation of our military resources. In hind sight I feel we should send even more than what we are contributing as the supplies are surly needed.. Why not send one of our supply ships, the only one in operation, the HMCS Protector which is capible of refueling our frigates which in turn can refuel the countless helicopters? who knows. I just hope that you don't think I am against all this.

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    A lot of nations are helping out with the disaster caused by Katrina.

    Some of the help (like a 1,000 troops from Venezuela) may not be accepted. But nations are stepping up nonetheless.

    Here in OC, there were letters to the local rag complaining that nations critical of our response to the tsunami in Indonesia would be silent in reciprocating. But I see it as just the opposite.
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    I don't know why everyone feels that there will be a lack of support.

    This is strictly a humanitarian crisis. There is nothing political about it, and I'm am sure the US will see an immense amount of help offered in the coming days. I know there are thousands of fundraising initiatives underway up here right now, and as mentioned, we have sent several of our available military and HUSAR resources already.

    This is not about Bush/Kerry, Rep/Dem, or coalitions of this and that. It is all about helping our neighbour and friends in dire need, and just like during 9/11 we'll be there for you again.
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