It seems to me that there is no Command, or control, even now several days after this Storm hit and has obliterated so much of the Gulf region of the United States. Stories are poping up all over the Internet by CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News regarding such things as, the inablity of willing and able responders (police, fire, ems) from all across the country and are being either turned away by road blocks set up by the LA State police or even by FEMA (DHS). Now as many of you read this you will say, now is not the time to talk about this. It isn't? I am not so sure.......

What would happen right now if a major terrorist attack took place in a major city, let's say the west coast, lets say in Los Angeles or Seattle Washington or Denver Colorado?

With so many now concentrated on the efforts of trying to get through the red tape of FEMA to get into the Hurricane impacted area, just to do there part, it seems to me, if something else would happen right now, our responders would be spread so thin because of FEMA's innability to get the word out that "yes we need people, what equipment, and resources do you have?" and either saying "yes start that way" or "no stay put, we will call you in as needed" My goodness would FEMA act this way if those cities were hit by an attack today or tommorrow while the relief and recovery efforts are going on in the Gulf Coast areas? Where are all the federal dollars that we as taxpayers going? For the past several years the federal government has been telling us how they are "beefing up" the response efforts.

A firechief in Paincourtville Louisianna has a boat, and a couple of guys that have been ready to go and help. Some may say, well what can a couple of guys in a small boat do? There are litterally thousands of people that need help. Well keep in mind that Paincourtville is only 1 hour away from New Orleans. (in bigger cities, thats considered a suburb). This Fire chief could have loaded his guys and been there the day that the winds started to die down a little, only to be turned away by the Louisianna State Police? Something is not right here.

The mayor of the city, the police chief of the city are still at 8pm Friday night, Live on Cable News telling the entire world "We need more help, I need help now!" And yet responders are not being activated, and the ones that are close by that would probably be intially sent BEFORE the area is declared "Federal Disaster area" are being stopped and turned around.
Something is not right here.

They are being turned around or not called because the governor of the state has not "requested" them? You mean to tell me, that a person must request every single indivdule piece of equipment? I am not letting the governor off the hook here, but thats the way it seems.
The Mayor of Chicago had people, and equipment ready to be "on loan" to New Orleans two days before the Huricane hit, and he told FEMA this, and the only request he has recieved is "for one truck"
Something is not right here!

Where is the AREA Unified Command Post for the City of New Orleans?
Where is the mobile Communications Bus/vehicle for the New Orleans Fire/Police Departments?
Where is the Stagging area for the boats, ambualnces, rescue vehicles that are not at the superdome so that they can roll into the city much the same way as the police cars did yesterday to take the city back under control followed by Humvee's?
Where are the aerial photographs that show were all the roof top refugees are hiding out, and areas that can be looked at quickly and decided "ok that is an area of concern, or, ok we can forget about that area for now, lets look at some other areas that need more immediate help"
Something is not right here!

I am waiting, and hoping to see a Military Commander roll in with his troops/people and say ontop of the I-10 bridge, ok stop here, get the command post set up, lets go people and say "I am establishing the New Orleans City Command post."

God be with everyone in the Gulf Coast areas that are trying to do the right thing. Time heals all wounds. Eventually things will get better. But this time.....this time if there ever was a need for congerssional inqury, this is it....
For those of you who think I am monday night quartebacking.....maybe I am, but for the record I have donated $100.00 to the american red cross, I would give more, but I can't this week. It's better than nothing......and that was one of the points in my post.