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    yes 11 of september always in our mind... forever...

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    Default Contact Information

    I am looking for ANY contact information for the FORT PIKE Fire Department. All current info that I have has run into dead ends.

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    The Fort Pike VFD is alive and well... I don't have any contact info, but Chief Kim Jones at West Hancock Fire Rescue can point you in the right direction.
    Chief Engineer,
    East Hancock FD
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    "OF all the things I lost in Katrina, I miss my mind the most"
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    Default Surpuss Gear Available

    Our Department just replaced SCBA, and we have approximatly 12 of our old sets that are fully functional and available. We also have some bunker gear as well.

    We would like to donate these items to a needy department, and we have heard that there may still be a need in the Katrina hit areas.

    Please let me know of any department that would be interested. I can be reached at 215-862-4837 (Keith)

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