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    Question If i am a paramedic/FF in IL, what is the process in getting re-liscensed in FL?

    I live in IL and will be a certified as a Paramedic here, but I would like to move to FL. Do I have to go back to paramedic school, or can I just take FL's paramedic certification exam? What is the process?

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    you have o challenge Floridas medic test however...it is all computer based and you can take it in Ill. go to this website and they have all the info you will need.....WWW.FL-EMS.COM , good luck.
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    I just took the Florida medic exam, not to tough. Hardest part of the process is getting the paperwork set with the state.

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    Ditto. I just recently got my license in FL too. The test wasn't bad at all for paramedic and it is now computer based. It is held in chicago on lasalle street and you get preliminary results as soon as you are done. The official ones took quite a while since they were in the process of moving the ems cetification to MQA.

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