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    Default how can i help?

    I'm a volunteer Fire fighter from Austria. I live here in Florida for a year now.

    Im not active as a FF here in America. But a lot of friends in Austria asked me how they could help...

    I belive it does not makes sence to jump into the car and drive over there. Cause that just causes troubles and chaos.

    I also do not belive that donating to the big organisations would bring the whole donated amount to the victims.

    I thought about helping the New Orleans Fire department or an other fire department in the area by contacting them directly.

    What suggestens oder contacts do you have?

    Thank you!

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    At the request of the Louisiana State Firemen's Association and the Louisiana Fire Chief's Association, Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc. has agreed to function as a logistical resource center, collecting and distributing supplies, to be utilized by the firefighting personnel working in Louisiana activities related to Hurricane Katrina. With the massive undertaking of the rescue operation and care for the evacuees, emergency personnel are overloaded. Ferrara's ability to receive, house, and dispatch the large quantities of supplies needed, along with its centralized location makes it a logical choice to take on this monumental task.

    Ferrara has received numerous calls from its customers and contacts in the fire service from across the country wanting to know what is needed and how they can help. In passing that information along, Ferrara was asked jointly by these two organizations if they could assist in coordinating this effort. "It is a great opportunity for us to do our part and help care for the firefighter's who are risking their lives to save others." stated Chris Ferrara, President/CEO.

    Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc. would like anyone interested in donating the items listed below to email or fax to 225-567-7668.

    The following items are needed immediately:

    Cots, Pillows, Blankets, Towels, Socks, Underwear, Toothpaste, Tooth Brushes, Deodorant, Bottled Water, Air Mattresses, MRE's and non-perishable snacks, etc.

    These items will be updated based upon firefighter's needs.

    We are working diligently to develop additional command post communications thru the use of satellite cell phones with the fire departments in the affected areas so that we may deliver these supplies where they are most needed.

    Should you be interested and are able to help please either transport or ship by Fed-Ex Freight any of the above listed supplies to the following address.

    Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc.
    27855 James Chapel Rd.
    Holden, LA 70744-0249

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    that is a good start

    thank you...

    I understand this goes directly to the fire fighters?

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