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    Default Helping our Borthers

    I am a recently retired firefighter of 30+ years in the State of Florida.
    I am interested in seeing if we can get something started to help our bothers and sisters, both paid and volunteer recover from their losses.
    If someone from Firehouse.com sees this post, please start a website were departments can post their needs for their personnel in the coming months and how we can fulfill these needs.
    Also, are there other retired firefighters that are capable of working in some of the smaller areas that rely on VFD's for emergency services to give these great volunteers help in answering calls.

    Anyone can reach me @ TSMSS@aol.com
    of 407-925-3462 to discuss this matter.

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    This is already in progress.

    Please click the 'Adopt a Firehouse' link on the home page below the top story or see the top thread in the Hurricane Katrina forum.

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    I took that program as helping departments with operational equipment, but if it incompasses helping the individuals that is great, no futher discussion is needed and I will keep an eye on that post. Thanks for you help.

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