View Poll Results: How can YOU help refugee firefighters and their families?

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  • I can make room for at least one brother or sister in my home

    8 47.06%
  • I would be willing to make a donation to a fund that would aid refugee FF's

    8 47.06%
  • This area will be covered by FEMA and the Red Cross, Etc...this is not an important issue

    0 0%
  • No money and no room at this barn

    1 5.88%
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    Default Refugee Firefighters??

    I heard today that the government is going to ask for volunteer households to take in refugees that lost their homes/jobs/lives in the storm. Initial commitments are for 6 months. Seems like it might be necessary since I forsee a large number of people simply taking up new residence in other states and not moving back down any time soon.

    This whole thing got me thinking...surely there are refugee firefighters. Could this be another way we could help? Kind of a foster firefighter/firefighter family program. On top of that you know some firefighters have and will stay behind to help and there families have no place to go.

    Anyone feel that they have the room in their home for a brother/sister FF? What do you all think? Maybe a fund to provide housing for displaced FF's even if you can't take them in yourself?

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    Thumbs up Refugee Firefighters

    i think it is an excellent idea if the ''foster family'' has the room and judging by our responses on here, i bet almost any one of us would accept at least one firefighter into our homes. we have churches and community centers accross the country that are set up to handle this sort of thing, it is only a matter of the govn't getting organized ( why exactly is it taking so long? ) and making something happen.i'm concerend about our own that are being sent down there to aid as well, they will be in the same situation as the desperate ff's down there right now with nothing more than they can carry on their backs and trust that someone is going to provide them with the basic neccesities, but as we are what we are, we will continue to volunteer to aid in this effort despite the questions and uncertainty.

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