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    I also think our first priority should be rescue and evac. BUT I was watching Tuesday for a full response of Military troops that didnt make it, I was confused as to why there werent 10,000 military troops there by Tuesday night or Weds at the latest.
    Look at how many military bases are within 500 miles or so of the gulf coast. When I was in the Army from 1986 to 1989, we kept a duffel bag packed because we were told we would be called upon to deploy within 24 hours .
    We did that 4 different times and it went pretty well. There were always a few things that didnt go right but within 24 hours we had most of our elements sitting at a different location usually at least 1000 miles away and we were ready for business.
    I am wondering how we lost that quick deployment capability. Even with many of our troops overseas , we should be capable of swarming any problem that comes up !!
    Monday morning quarterback, maybe but it just upset me that we, as a nation are that unprepared. No more cold war, is that part of the problem or are we looking at the rest of the world more than we are at our own homeland??
    There Used to be response plans in place for most any possible situation, why isnt there anymore.
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    I know that we can send out troops anywhere in the world on within a short period of time for those soldiers. But I imagine it takes at least another day before that to plan out something like this.

    I was impressed that the troops were in the city within a week. And the REALLY important people who needed to be there, the rescue choppers, were all in there within hours after the city was flooded.
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    And all of this would be a moot point if they spent money on the levees instead of a giant drunk-fest every year.
    Don't build a city below sea level counting on walls to keep you dry. Big question....will they make that same mistake again? My bets are yes.

    Funny how people cry and scream for Federal Relief, but they aren't willing to have Federal Government control.
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    .... and the cycle repeats itself again and again. The government will be asked to again bail out citizens who "intentionally" placed themselves, their lives and their homes into a "known" danger zone. It would be cheaper to bulldoze it into a pile and use it for the fill in that hole, and then build on top of it at 100 feet above sea level. Those that choose to ignore the past, are destined to repeat the same mistakes again!
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