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    Default agreement for mutual and automatic mutual aid

    Does your department do mutual and automatic mutual aid?
    If you do is it just a verbal agreement between the two departments or is it something in writing? If so does anyone have a copy of their inter local (department) agreement for mutual and automatic mutual aid?

    We are in the process of “trying” to have 2 departments toned on all structure fire calls. So any help would be greatly appreciated.

    City of West Liberty Fire Dept.
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    My community is part of Fire District 14, one of fifteen fire districts in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

    After a series of devastating brush fire in the southeastern Massachusetts region in the late 1950's, the State developed a statewide plan for dealing with mutual aid fire response. That plan has been tuned and tweaked to what it is today. The last time it was used for the Worcester 6 incident. where units from all over the state were covering Worcester's firehouses so they could recover their fallen brothers.

    In my community, we have written murual aid agreements with the surrounding communities. As part of Distirict 14, each community has a response card that lists who gets what for up to 10 alarms. Distirct 14 control is run by Ashland Fire Dispatch and has it's own fradio frequency for contacting the FD's in the district. The fire alarm offices of the 23 communities and Hanscom AFB that make up District 14 contact District 14 control according to their protocols. For us, it's when we strike a third alarm.
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    We have a state wide mutual aid plan that continues to grow and is now crossing state lines. Check out mabas.org for more details.mabas.org
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    My county (17 departments) has automatic aid with a central 911/dispatch center. We have taken it a step further by setting county wide operational SOP's, numbering system, accountability system, standardization of equipment types and staffing levels. We have also created county wide teams, made up of units/manpower from different departments for things like Haz-Mat, TRT and arson investigation. All of this is in writting.

    The State of Florida also has a state wide mutual aid response and radio system in place.
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    hmmmm found this looking for something else .........I could certainly e-mail you a copy...we have a writtten auto aid agreement.
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    In Central Ohio we've had automatic aid for about 30 years....the agreements have been verbal. There has been some talk recently of making a written agreement, but only talk.

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    We have written and verbal. Here we had to send a written agreement to county dispatch if we want them to page another company out also. If the other company is good about listening to their radio, they dont need to be paged, but thats scary. During the day, the communities around here are empty (they drive to the big city for work) and we have few personel available. It is just understood that we all go help each other out.

    We just got this way though. We have been fighting rivalries and rifts among each other for a long time. I am happy we can finally work together. Makes it better for all of us if we can share the sandbox and play together.

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    We don't have a written policy exactly however specific instructions are in the CAD at dispatch.

    For example:

    6A to 6P we have auto dual alert with a neighboring dept for structure calls

    For a section of town that is a little bit of a drive time from our station we have auto aid for all calls to cut the response time.

    Third... we are limited on our number of those little red and white things that grow near the curb and dispense water so we rely heavily on tankers/tenders. Our first due and second due tanker task force including fill engines is defined in the computer so all the IC has to do is say "send me my tanker task force" rather than dispatch me company x, company y, company z for tankers and company f for a fill engine. Only thing he has to do is request the TTF and inform dispatch what the fill site will be.

    As for in our own station, we keep a written resource guide for who has what and the order we will request specific items like additional rescues, ladders, etc.

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    We currently have two written policys, one that covers ourselves and the two other fire districts in our town, and one that covers an adjoining district in the bordering town.
    The one for our town states that when one district is toned out for a structure fire or commercial auto alarm from 6a - 6p M-f, the other two districts will also be toned out to respond with one engine and manpower. The district who's call it is may respond with whatever they can get on the road.
    The adjoining district has the same criteria, except it would only be us and them being toned out.
    We've had this in place for about 10 years now and with some tweaking on the types of alarms to respond to it has worked well.

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