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    Default Relieving our brothers and sisters in the gulf coast

    ive been reading that the 1,000 2 person teams beoing requested to go down south are for flyer hand outs. but ive also read that our brothers and sisters that have been down there since the storm hit are in dire need of relief. does any one know how or who i can contact to see about going to the gulf coast to relieve them? i want to head down there and if i cant first find some way to do operational work then im going to try for the non operational work. so if any one knows who i can contact to see about operational work that would be great. i know a bunch of firefighters up here in mass that want to head down to help in any ways they can.

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    I'm with ya brother, I have already discussed this my family (work and home) and if requested, I am going to help our bothers in NO. For now, it's hurry up and wait.

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    Default Relief?

    Here's the latest from the news section of Firehouse.com


    What I found just a bit disconcerting was that there was no mention of relief for the paramedics and EMTs who've been working round the clock down there. While I'm not too familiar with the EMS structure in NO, even if most of the paramedics and EMAs are with the fire service, are there not private ambulance services out there working as well? Will THEY be relieved and sent out for R&R, or will they be on their own?

    Thank God (or whichever deity to whom you pray) that the rescuers in New Orleans are getting help, I just hope it will be there in the long run, when the aftershocks of the situation start.

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    Jersey is sending down a 50 ambulance tasforce w/ 2 emts and 1 medic per bus. I imagine other states are doing something similar.

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    EMS folks should also work with NAEMT, AAA and the other EMS organizations, but many of the fire departments assigned to send folks down there are including EMS specifically.

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