I've been studying and teaching LODDs for the past 6 years since I saw Billy Goldfeder. I admit, I basically copy his classes in that I show what happened at certain incidents and then we talk about what could be done differently. One of my studies was the Phoenix LODD a few years ago and the "On Deck" theories.

I've been following Phoenix's use of its new principles of "On Deck" for the last year or so in the trade magazines, but had a few questions I was wondering if someone could answer.

The way I understand it, instead of/in addition to a RIT team, they pre-position personnel as close to operating units as they can so that manpower is available to accomplish things to make the building behave and put out the fire. They are also closer if a mayday comes in.

My questions are:
1 - What is the feeling of the line firemen of this concept? Company officers?

2 - How close are the on deck personnel to operations? Are they as close as they can be without having to go on air? Are they just at an entrance to a building?

3 - Are there units still dedicated to RIT standing by?

4 - How has staffing for a residential (1900 sf rancher for example) alarm changed? How about a commercial (3-story ordinary)?

I am sure I'll have other questions, so anyone who can help, I'd appreciate it.