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    Default Katrina-The aid comes from unexpected sources

    War-torn Afghanistan, poverty-stricken Bangladesh among Asian
    nations offering Katrina aid
    With BC-NA-GEN--US-Hurricane Katrina
    Associated Press Writer
    BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) - War-torn Afghanistan, tsunami-struck
    Thailand and poverty-stricken, waterlogged Bangladesh were the
    latest Asian nations to offer aid and expertise to the United
    States to deal with the Hurricane Katrina disaster.
    While some of the aid pledges from Asia have been small compared
    to the millions of dollars and heavy machinery promised by Europe,
    they come from nations with far less to give and are symbolic
    recognition of the large role U.S. aid has played in the
    development of the region in recent decades.
    Bangladesh, one of the world's poorest countries, where millions
    of people live on a monsoon- and flood-prone delta, pledged US$1
    million (euro797,830) to Hurricane Katrina's victims and offered to
    send specialist rescuers to inundated areas, the Foreign Ministry
    Prime Minister Khaleda Zia said the assistance from Bangladesh -
    a major recipient of U.S. economic development aid - was "a token
    of goodwill and sympathy," spokesman Zahirul Haque said late
    Thailand's Foreign Minister Kantathi Suphamongkon said his
    Southeast Asian country would send 60 doctors and nurses and a
    shipment of rice to the United States for hurricane victims.
    The assistance is a "gesture from the heart," Kantathi said.
    He said Thailand remembers the help it received from the United
    States after last year's tsunami that left 228,000 dead or missing
    across 11 Indian Ocean countries, including more than 8,000 in
    Impoverished Afghanistan, which is still struggling to recover
    from two decades of war that ended when U.S.-led forces ousted the
    Taliban regime in 2002, has pledged US$100,000 (euro79,700) for
    Katrina victims, the government announced.
    Neighboring Pakistan, a key U.S. ally in the international fight
    against terrorism, has offered doctors and paramedics and
    Washington had "expressed their appreciation for the offer,"
    Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammed Naeem Khan said.
    Some 2,700 Pakistanis and Pakistani-Americans were in the areas
    hit by Katrina, and the Pakistani Embassy in Washington is working
    with U.S. authorities to provide them with help, Khan said.
    More traditional, wealthier Asia-Pacific allies have also
    pledged help for the hurricane relief effort.
    On Tuesday, New Zealand promised 2 million New Zealand dollars
    (US$1.4 million; euro1.1 million) in aid and offered to send urban
    search and rescue specialists and a victim identification team to
    hurricane-hit states.
    "The scale of this disaster is greater than we thought just a
    couple of days ago," Prime Minister Helen Clark said in a
    She said the United States was always quick to help others in
    need and "this is a time for its friends, like New Zealand, to
    show their support."
    Singapore said it had sent a fourth military helicopter based in
    Texas to Louisiana to help the hurricane relief efforts, bringing
    the number of the country's troops taking part to 45 airmen.
    Since the first three CH-47 Chinook helicopters arrived last
    week, Singaporeans have flown dozens of missions, evacuating
    several hundred people and transporting thousands of tons of
    equipment and humanitarian supplies, the Defense Ministry said.
    About 100 tons of blankets, diapers, crutches, wheelchairs and
    other supplies along with about 40 rescue workers are expected to
    leave South Korea within days for the hurricane zone - the first
    component of a US$30 million (euro23.92 million) pledge, Korean
    officials said.

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    All these years of going in and helping out is starting to pay off.
    We didn't go to Somalia and lose 18 guys to open roads up to allow food shipments in or to Indonesia and help people learn that their loved ones had perished in a big wave in hopes that we would need their help someday.
    We did it because it was right to do,no matter how the plan was executed and ordered up by which Administration was in charge.
    It was right and we did it.now,we are seeing how other countries can help US.

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