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    Default One Mans Photo Journal On New Orleans



    There are 197 incredible images in there.
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    Default need some advice

    my crew has been waiting for the last week to go down south with no responce in sight, but then we decided if the only way we could help was to work for fema then we would try for that .well guess what it took fema 1 day to say come down and help,be part of are 2 man assessment team. that makes no sence at all people need help and they want us to pass out papers..... any way back to the reason i started this if anyone has been there could let me know what supplies to bring it would be a great help ..

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    I don't know for some reason I can not see the log in information needed to view the pictures, I know for sure I put it there, so if others can't see it, here it is again.

    see comment and link below
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    The information you put up included a log in that allowed people access that could potentially damage the slideshow. We've removed it and added this link where folks can sign up quickly and access the slideshow. The email and password you posted may very well be on other sites, but the direct link below should work and provide better protection to the photographer.


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