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    Default Funding for Katrina taken from AFG funds?

    I got a phone call from our chief this morning stating that we need to get on the ball and get our money spent from this years grant. He stated that there is a rumor going through the IAFC that money which was originally allocated for the AFG program this year may be shifted to provide funding for our brothers in the Gulf Coast. While I am sure that they have funding needs there, I must admit that I'm a little greedy, and that we need the funds as well. I told him that I didn't think they could take money away from those who have been awarded, and I'm sure I already know what everyone's response will be, I thought I would ask to see if anyone else had heard that rumor. Honestly, this works out to my advantage because I have been trying to light a fire under him to get things rolling, and now I think we're chugging right along after this morning's conversation.

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    That's crap.

    If you've been awarded, FEMA won't take the money back. That would require Congressional authorization and who knows what-all. Not gonna happen.

    Of course, that doesn't mean you have to tell your chief it's not true...
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    Money for Katrina is special appropriations and existing disaster funds kept in reserve fsepcifcially for these type things. Money for AFG in 2005 is not in danger. It is possible that a reduction might be coming in 2006 but, I doubt it will seriously effect it. Pre-disaster and post-disaster FEMA mitigation grants will be the primary vehicle for rebuilding it all and replacing equipment for quite a bit of it, as has happended in Fla, NC etc. in the past. This is just on a larger scale is all.
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