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    Default Two N.O. Officer Committed Suicide

    NEW ORLEANS Life wasn't supposed to end this way for Sergeant Paul Accardo -- alone, in chaos.
    Accardo was one of two city cops who committed suicide last week as New Orleans descended into an abyss of death and destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina. He was found in an unmarked patrol car on Saturday in a downtown parking lot.
    Accardo served as one of the Police Department's chief spokesmen. His bespectacled face was familiar on the nightly news.
    His colleagues say his uniform was crisply pressed and his office was in order, everything just right on his desk.
    But the lawlessness following the hurricane was apparently too much for him. He wrote a note telling anyone who found him to contact a fellow officer. He was precise, and thoughtful, to the end. Then he stuck his gun into his mouth and ended the chaos.
    Associated Press

    Wow, I hope I never have to go through anything like September 11 or whatís going on in New Orleans. Itís one thing to respond to an emergency knowing your going home to your family. Itís another when after doing your job it becomes apparent that you have no home or maybe anyone to go home to.
    The sad thing is itís probable not the last weíll will hear of such things.

    I have no words to describe how sad this is.

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    I am sorry he gave up. It's a shame that help wasn't there for him when he needed it most.

    I am curious though if some of the things his brothers have done during this disaster had anything to do with it?
    This is my opinion and in no way represtents the opinion of my department.

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    There is going to be a lot of back stories to come out of this once everything blows over.

    I cannot speculate on what may have caused this officer to do this to himself, but I will make a general comment regarding the alleged illegal PD/FD/EMS behavior. If even only some of the stories prove true, If I was an Emergency Services worker in NO, I honestly don't know how I could go back to work with those people again.

    This could be a tough hole for some to climb out of.
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