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    Default USFA teams to gulf

    posted on the USFA site just said that they are not taking any registration for any more teams to goto the gulf. THey are saying that they have enough teams that will be dispatched when needed

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    Politics my brother, politics. Took them this long to get enough contracted Teams assembled. To bad they never deployed the Volunteer Boat and USAR Teams when they first made the call. Yep, politics, they want to try to climb outa their holes they have dug. Wondering if the IAFC is just kissing FEMA and USAF butts instead of taking a stand for Volunteer Departments. Thinkin maybe they are afraid of loosing grant money if they rock the boat? By the way, is the USAF in with the FEMA making a profit off all the Career Task Force Teams Deployed already madating only Career Fire Department Teams would be doing Operational Tasks? Hell with glory just get the brothers in the effected areas the extra help they need, screw the paychecks and screw the red tape, get over the ego and get them real boats and extra trained people, career or volunteers need only apply. Do it for the Brotherhood not for the paycheck or Glory, too bad they told us they had enough after we already made arrangements to go down. I smell COVER UP!!
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