Pinellas County Sends 800-MHz Portable Radio System
in Continued Post-Hurricane Mutual Aid Efforts

Pinellas County has deployed an 800-MHz portable radio system to assist with post-hurricane mutual aid efforts as part of a statewide deployment. County staff transported the radio system, along with a backup generator, and will be working with Polk County and the state of Florida to set up a regional network for communications.

Florida officials have asked for statewide assistance in setting up a regional radio network along the coast of Mississippi to facilitate hurricane relief efforts and communication between rescue workers. Work will be based in Jackson County, Mississippi.

Pinellas and Polk counties are each sending a five-channel self-contained trunked radio system with a 100-foot radio tower, along with radios and chargers for those using the systems.

Pinellas County is sending staff from the radio systems division of Emergency Communications and from Emergency Medical Services (EMS), plus two EMS vehicles. The system could be deployed for up to 30 days.

Pinellas County Sheriff’s office is also assisting with relief efforts and has deployed equipment and 17 personnel, including 16 law enforcement and one civilian mechanic. In addition to patrol vehicles, other specialized equipment deployed includes an airboat, a johnboat, two all-terrain vehicles, a light-tower/generator trailer, and an air-conditioned emergency response trailer equipped with showers. The team will use Global Positioning Systems (GPS) for navigation in unfamiliar areas of assignment. The team is part of a 200+ contingency from the state of Florida and is expected to operate in the six southernmost Mississippi counties.

The county also sent five rescue teams from EMS/Sunstar as part of a 50-vehicle convoy from Florida to assist with hurricane relief in Hancock County, Mississippi. Additional EMS equipment and personnel are expected to be deployed soon.

Pinellas County Emergency Management will continue to coordinate mutual aid efforts with multiple county departments over the coming weeks.