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    Default Exhaust Systems

    Would like some advice on exhaust systems. Would like some feedback btwn the plymovent and ward diesel.

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    We had the Plymovent System installed from the 2003 grant. It's been up and running for a year. Any issues (minor) have been corrected by the company in a timely mannor. From the beginning to the end the company we dealt with has been fabulous. Everyone has noticed a significant change (for the better) since the installation. I would recommend the Plymovent System (my opinion).

    As for the Ward System. During research for this project I talked to people with both systems. Everyone that had the Ward System said to stay away from it. So much so that these same departments were converting to the Plymovent System.

    You need to install a system that will best fit the department. Research departments around you that have these systems and find out what they think. Check references for the exhaust companies.

    You will find people with opposite opinions to mine. It's not going to be easy to decide.

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    Default No Hoses

    Our department (Colington FD, in NC) just received a grant in the 4th round for an exhaust removal system. We are looking very seriously at the AirMation system. It's main draw to us is that it is possibly fireman proof! No hoses to hook up (or break off) no retrofitting of apparatus, and it meets all federal guidelines. They have a huge list of clients, mostly from the North East part of the US. It has manual and auto functions and we were really impressed. One big issue is that any vehicle can be in the bay and the system will work. IE; if a mutual aid company is covering in nasty weather, they can use the bay too. We're open to other systems, but honestly based our proposal on the grant for this specific system. One of our new firefighters had the hose system in his old department and they ripped off several hoses. (granted that they are a busy house compared to us). If you are interested, I can pass the info along.

    Glenn Rainey

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