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    Default Fastest way to get in shape?????

    Just applied to a fire department in VA and received a written test date. After successful completion of the written comes the CPAT. I have started trying to get in shape but was wondering what are the quickest most effective workouts to get my lungs in shape? I have problem in strength as I have been a powerlifter for a couple years. Also general muscle endurence is not so much a concern. Just my darn lungs that I have trouble getting into shape. Any suggestions? Thinking about trying windsprints.

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    Default Interval training for heart rate ^^^!

    Try interval training. Intense circuits focusing on large muscle groups to get your heart rate very high, then slow it down, high, then slow it down. Here's an example: warm up on a bike, 5 minutes. Then: Smith machine squats: start with 25 lb plates on each side. Do a set of 20. Stop and jump rope for 1 minute (130 rpms). Next set, add 10 lbs. to each side, 18 reps, then jump for 1.5 min. (135 rpms) . Add 10 more pounds to each side, do 16 reps. Jump for 2 minutes, (140 rpms). Stay at this weight, reps, time jumping and rpms for 3 more sets when you are ready. Ease into it slowly. Ideally, you should not rest between sets!
    Another super set:
    Or: warm up on the bike, then: Use a weight vest: start with 25 pounds.(Add 5-10 lbs. per week) do 25 long, low walking lunges. Stop and do 20 lat pulls with a medium weight (in front, never in back!). Do 30 walking lunges. Increase your weight on the lat pulls by 10 lbs., and do 18 pulls. Do 30 walking lunges. Do the lat pulls with 10 more lbs, and 16 reps. Add slowly from here: do another circuit each workout up until you do each thing 8-10 times. Stay at 30 lunges, and keep increasing your weight and decreasing the reps on the lat pull.
    I know this is only partial, just a couple of ideas for starters. There is a more complete plan available with step by step instructions. (See below). Do you have 12 weeks???!!!
    Oh yeah, forget about small muscle groups. Your biceps, triceps and calfs will get work when you do your "bigger" exercises!
    Good luck!
    Dr. Jen

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    Not sure on the time I have. The written is on Oct. 15, the CPAT is after that, but don't know how long after. I figure I have atleast 8 weeks or longer before the CPAT.

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    wind sprints, wind sprints, wind sprints
    When I get to hell
    The devil he will say
    "How'd you put my fires out?
    In just one day?"
    I lift my hose up higher and higher
    that's how I do it, I'm a firefighter!

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