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    Default SCOTT SCBA's ??

    Just wondering if anyone knows a general price for the NXG2 airpack along with the SEMS (Scott Electronic Management System) intergrated in it. Also a general price on the base unit it runs with. Just wondering general price per pack and also the base unit price. If anyone has a good news or bad news about this product please share. Department is looking at getting something like this along with the new the new SCBA's. Thanks

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    Well I can't help you out on the SEMS, but we ordered 15 NXG2's in late Nov last year with every option except the SEMS and voice amp and the cost was right at 4k per pak with a spare 45min bottle. The Scott rep actually told us not to waste our money on the SEMS....way to expensive for the benefit that we'd receive (granted we are a small dept). You might look at something along the lines of the T Pass system. Not sure on the cost but seems to me to be more versatile since it's not dependent on someone wearing a charged SCBA.

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    We went NxG also, I know they ended up coming in at much less than the 5K DHS allowed including a spare. We didn't go with SEMS. We liked it, it should save lives at some point but the consensus among those who used it and sell it was that Scott didn't have it right just yet. Try finding some current users and dealers. I don't think its a question of not being worth it but does it work efficiently yet.

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    I THINK the SIMMS option will add about $1,200 to the price of your pack, and the 'base station' is about $5,000. If you need more info, email me (I can get you Scott's list price).

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    Quote I got from Fisher Safety on NxG2 equipment Sept04 (purchased from MES as better price but I don't have quote at hand)

    NxG2 w/45min high pressure w/SEMS w/dual EBSS $3964ea
    NxG2 w/45min $2719
    SEMS base $2654
    Voice amp $231

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrojanHorse
    Then again, it wasn't too long ago that people were saying having a TIC wwasn't woth the money either. Then again, there are people who still say that.

    Including my Chief. He says they are just a fad. Of course, I think his first job at the FD was feeding the horses.

    I dont know what the SCBA's in question cost. All I know is we just bought 20 of them with 30 minute bottles, 24 spare 30 minute bottles, 40 masks (6 with voice), a 45 minute bottle for our RIG pack and the SEMS base. Right around 125K for all I think.

    Oh, and were getting TICs as well.
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