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Thread: Who's Got What?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rescue101
    I'm with you JB on the temperature indicator.However,if I see yellow,orange or red in my camera it WILL change my tactics.You see we have a gray scale camera and if it's doing colors;I'm leaving Dodge,hehe T.C.
    TC...if you inferred otherwise, I'm sorry...but we are on the same page on color. IF the TI is showing yellow-red colorization in a fire environment, you are in a BAD place that requires immediate action.
    My comments are sometimes educated, sometimes informed and sometimes just blowing smoke...but they are always mine and mine alone and do not reflect upon anyone else (especially my employer).

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    Hehe JB,right chapter,wrong page.Note I said I have only GRAY SCALE cameras.If I see colors in the screen,I'm leaving Dodge;it means the Dragon is overtaking me from the rear and I'm pretty protective of my rear.White and gray I can deal with,I DO NOT want to be seeing any colors, T.C.

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