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    Default VA Medic Students Return from LA

    From Sept. 1 to Sept. 6 a group of Paramedic Students from the Jefferson College of Health Science service group "Hands of Healing" ,along with a 5 person support staff of faculty & other EMS providers, traveled to Louisiana for disaster relief.

    During the course of their stay they had several operational assignments however the best and most rewarding was establishing a Food/Water distribution point in Bogalusa, LA (Washington Parrish). Tractor Trailer loads of Food, Water, and Ice were sent in from a temporary warehouse in Livingston to the Plainview Baptist Church in Bogalusa.

    The group arrived on Monday Sept. 5th and were the first outside help the area had seen (aside from Electric Service persons) since the storm hit.

    Along with the creation of this distribution point, the group connected one of their 2 generators to the church well pump to provide Non-potable water for washing & bathing as well as opening a 1 day medical screening & treatment area. Best estimate was roughly 200 persons screened / treated and 10 times that served with food & water.

    The total Make-up of the group was:
    2 RN/Paramedics
    1 Paramedic
    5 EMT-B/Paramedic Students
    2 EMT-B's

    This group funded their entire trip from monies they had already collected for a trip to provide aid in Romania during their spring break in '06. The reason I post this here is that to date - several stories have been done in the local media about other groups & schools going or sending aid to LA, but no coverage has been given to this small group. Granted they did not do this seeking fame & reward but after witnessing first hand the level of skill, dedication, and compassion that these students put forth without question - I had to do something to bring at least a little attention to them.

    If you would - please post your own thoughts and good wishes and I will collect them and forward them to the group. Thank you in advance for your support of an excellent group of budding new EMS providers that I promise you will make us all proud some day.

    And yes - that's me in the Green Acadian hat on the front right.
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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    Great post. Thanks for coming down to help.
    EMT/Security Officer

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    A hearty "Bravo!" to the group.
    Chris Minick, P.E., Firefighter II
    Structures Specialist, MD-TF 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by N2DFire
    Granted they did not do this seeking fame & reward but after witnessing first hand the level of skill, dedication, and compassion that these students put forth without question - I had to do something to bring at least a little attention to them.
    I commend yourself, and the group for serving those in need without seeking attention. THANK YOU! I get tired of seeing stories about a select few who seem to go down there and (just like happens locally) make sure they are in front of a camera somewhere. Although I did see one story where a person when down and set up and assisted with relief and refused to go on camera to talk about what they did.. instead they wanted to cameras to focus on the devistation and the people still in need. Again, I commend you and your group for going in and doing what needed to be done without trying to draw attention to yourselves!
    Do it because you love it, not because you love being seen doing it.

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    Default Did not know you went - Locally

    Hey there N2DFire, I did not know you went down to LA. I followed the Roanoke Fire-EMS Team that went, and I read about another team that went from somewhere around here, it was in the paper, but I don't think that was you all either.

    I commend you guys for going down. I know that a lot of the Firefighters here in Roanoke City offered to go, but only 6 of them were allowed to go. Either way, somebody had to stay and take care of the 'NOKE.

    If you guys ever have anything else that is news worthy drop a line to David Harrison at the Roanoke Times, or let me know and I will tell him next time I talk to him. Keep up the good work.

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    Thanks to all of you and all the other EMS and Fire personnel that came in from out of state to help.. And to the Paramedic students you a more than welcome to come back down after graduation for Paramedic jobs we sure could use the help...

    Bob Black - REMT-P - Acadian Ambulance - AIS division...

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