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    Quote Originally Posted by Rescue101
    Birken,Don't take this the wrong way but you can have your hills and "gas brush". I kinda like things the way they are around here,moderate and peaceful with the worse wildfire hazard being white pine and spruce or fir.Hehe T.C.
    Oh but delivering water on a wildland fire is as good as it gets. You get to ride in an air conditioned truck with an air ride seat and reasonable suspension and drive it back and forth between the hydrant and fire and you also get a raise every time you do it because the state pays your wages then, plus the department gets paid for every minute the truck is out, plus you get free meals for as long as you are assigned. Ahh it's rough but somebody's got to do it.

    I just love feeling the heat of a brush fire on my face through the cab window, I turn up the A/C a little more and think to the ground pounders who are out there, man it sure looks hot and smoky out there

    But all in all I wind up spending more time actually out there in the smoke anyway. It's all fun, work is fun.


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    Our first out engine is a 1995 International/Pierce with 200 HP, we carry 1000 gallons and assorted equipment, its only a single cab, riding positions for 3. The truck does fairly good, we don't have alot of hills so it works out.

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