There is an effort underway to gather 100 sets of used/usable sets of turnout gear (any mix of bunker coats/pants - helmuts - boots - gloves) for use by Mississippi firefighters who have suffered damage sufficient to have rendered their gear unusable.

This effort has been launched by a Gulf area citizens group, though is being coordinated with the Division Fire Chief of Emergency Services in Jackson, Ms

Note: THIS IS A PRELIMINARY QUERY I have stressed the need for size and safety/NFPA considerations and have just asked for this added information based on their immediate need. I also made it clear that any gear donations would likely need to be cleared by relevant Dept. and municipal managers, etc., while asking that the MS Emergency Services office be made the actual recipient and dispersing authority. Shipping details/cost to be determined...

Should your dept. be holding any older, unused, gear I'm sure the guys down there would gladly put it back into temporary service, rather then let it gather more cobwebs.

Please advise by responding DIRECTLY: (I rarely post/visit here.)

Thanks with Regards,

Doc LeDuc
Chesterfield Fire Dept.
Chesterfield, MA