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It is a remarkable gift that is desperately needed in the Gulf States during this time of crisis.

Her name is Mean Green, and she's a 1994 lime green fire engine. She was part of the Madison Township Fire Department until Wednesday.

Township trustees voted to give the engine to the Fontainebleau Volunteer Fire Department in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Madison Township Fire Chief Michael Belton says, "They had a fire yesterday. This will be a huge life saver for them."

The Mississippi fire department lost all of its equipment to Hurricane Katrina.

The Madison Township Fire Department knows about need. They were able to buy Mean Green after they were given the money. It was a time when the department needed, but couldn't afford, a truck.

The Madison Township Fire Department has contacted other local fire departments to see if they have any surplus equipment that can be added to the truck. It will be delivered to Mississippi on Monday.