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    Default Fort Worth hiring

    I am a firefighter in San Antonio, TX who has tested with the city of Fort Worth and I was wondering if anybody knew when they were planning on holding the physical test. My ranking is 106 and have not been contacted so far. Any information regarding the Fort Worth Fire dept. and their hiring process is greatly appreciated.

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    From what I saw on the local news they have already done the physical agility testing. I think it was on 8/11/05. Maybe since they have so many people they conduct their agility test on two different days. Also, from what I heard from tow instructors (Ft. Worth Firefighters) that teach at the academy I attend they only took the top 75 in anticipation of hiring 25. I hope that this helps in some way.

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    If they haven't called you just be patient. They may weed out some of the ones they have tested. Then they'll go back to the list. Ft.Worth has gone to four man engine companies and I heard they have a bunch of retirees. There will be more openings. Stay involved with the hiring process and don't give up. Ft.Worth is a very progressive organization in the fire service, pay has gotten better, and they have a strong IAFF local. Good luck!

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    Default Already tested

    They've already done the PAT and they're into the background check now. Word is that they'll be testing again next summer.

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